Hogwarts based after the war of 1998.
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 Adult Rules

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Emerald Whitehart
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PostSubject: Adult Rules   Thu Mar 07, 2013 5:15 am

Besides the forums general rules we have included two more topics: the "Student Rules" and the "Adult Rules". The two of them will provide you with very important in-character rules. Most of the rules apply to both catagories but each of them have something special. Take a look and for any questions send a PM to the admin. For the moment these are the rules for the adults/graduated characters on our forum. Don't forget that from time to time we might add new rules or change the current ones without an announcement being on the main board. So please check this topic as often as possible to avoid any problems.

Adult Rules

*There are two ways to be an adult on this forum. One of them is to apply at the beginning as one, the other is to graduate from Hogwarts.

*From the beginning, each adult will have 1000 galleons in his or her bank account.

*Adults are not allowed to post in Hogwarts unless they are staff members or visitors.

*Of course adults and students who have graduated can't be re-sorted and can't earn their house any more points.

*Adults CAN get married but for that they should contact the admin to prepare the ceremony. We allow divorces too.

*There are no Deathly Hallows on this forum, so there is no way you can role play having one of them.

*Once you graduate you won't be able to visit your common room anymore. You will be sent from your house group to "Adult".

*No adults can speak Parsletongue.

*Enjoy your graduated/adult life.
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Adult Rules
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